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$ 174.99

In 2015, Tokyo-3 is under attack from “Angels”, extraordinary beings that possess various special abilities. Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon Evangelion is the only method to counter these Angels, and Shinji Ikari is chosen as its pilot. The battle for the fate of humankind has begun. But exactly what are the Angels? What is destined for the young pilots? And what will become of humanity?

The NEON GENESIS EVANGELION Collector’s Edition is a deluxe 11-disc set presented in a rigid case, containing a 40-page book, 8 art cards, the Official Dub and Subtitled versions, and the bonus Classic Dub and Subtitled versions. The Collector’s Edition set contains over seven hours of bonus features including animatics, TV commercials, music videos, Japanese cast auditions, trailers, and more. 

This set includes the original twenty-six episode television series, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, as well as the films EVANGELION:DEATH (TRUE)² and THE END OF EVANGELION.

Bonus Features:

  • 7+ Hours of  Bonus Features
  • 40-Page Book
  • 8 Art Cards
  • Bonus Classic Dub and Subtitled Versions 

The international re-release of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION does not contain "FLY ME TO THE MOON" in any of its home video editions.

1080p High-Definition

Series Aspect Ratio1.33:1Feature Aspect Ratio1.78:1
AudioEnglish, Japanese in DTS-HD MA 5.1 (2003 Renewal)
DTS-HD MA 2.0 (Original Mix Remaster)
SubtitlesEnglish, English SDH, Songs & Signs
Production Date
1995 / 1997
Release Date
Dec 6, 2021

©khara/Project Eva.
©1997 khara/Project EVA.